Evaluating IriusRisk

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Using the Dockerized versions of IriusRisk is the simplest way to start an evaluation and upgrade it if required.


IriusRisk consists of three major components:

  1. A reverse proxy to pass the HTTP calls to the Tomcat server 
  2. A Servlet 3.0 compliant Java application server (Tomcat) to host the .war
  3. An SQL Database (PostgreSQL for evaluation)

To facilitate evaluations, we offer several options: Virtual Machine image or a Docker deployment or we can prepare a temporary AWS SaaS instance. 

Hardware Requirements

For the local evaluations we recommend a GNU/Linux based host for the Docker deployments although it also runs on MAC OS X. 

The minimum recommended hardware requirements are: 

  • Dual Core processor at least 2.0Ghz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 GB of free disk space

For the VM-based evaluation option, we recommend the same requirements for the VM guest. 

Evaluation Options

The following installation options are available:

   a) Docker-based evaluation: the docker-based evaluation consists of two containers that can all be started from a docker-compose file. The containers provide: an Nginx frontend and a Tomcat server.  You would need to first install a native PostgreSQL 9.5 or newer server locally.

    b) Virtual Machine based: this is a VM with the Docker deployment already setup. 

    c) SaaS based evaluation: we can create a temporary instance on AWS for evaluation purposes. 

Option a) Docker deployment

For the Docker based evaluations, please provide us with your username on dockerhub so that we can grant access to the repository.

Follow the instructions for "PostgreSQL" and "Option A)" on this page.

Option b) Virtual Machine

We can provide a VM image with everything set up, this is distributed in the form of an OVA image.  Please contact us and we'll provide the download link along with an evaluation license.

Once the OVA has been imported into VirtualBox or VMware, make sure that port 8080 is open on localhost and wait a few minutes for it to automatically download the latest application instance.  Port forwarding is automatically configured in the OVA file, so IriusRisk will be available at: http://localhost:8080

Option c) SaaS based evaluation

For the SaaS based evaluation we install everything and provide the URL and access credentials for you. 

Updating to the latest release

From the directory where the docker-compose.yml is, execute:

docker-compose stop && docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

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