Initial Configuration

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This document applies to IriusRisk versions >= 2.0.0

First Login

Login to the system with the username: 'admin' and the password: 'the default password' (This is the literal phrase: "the default password").

Mail Server

By default, IriusRisk is configured to use our default mail server hosted on the Internet.  If you have an OnPrem installation, ensure that the system can reach Google's mail servers.  Alternatively, you can configure your own server from the Global Default Settings tab:


On-Boarding Users

There are a number of options for on-boarding users:

  1. Self-registration
  2. Create user accounts manually from an admin account
  3. Invite users to register by providing their email addresses
  4. Active Directory (AD) and LDAP authentication
  5. SSO and SAML authentication


Self-registration has to be enabled through a system setting when starting up the IriusRisk application, see the Installation section on how to configure this.  Users will then see a "Register" link on the login form.  When a user self-registers a unique business unit will be created for them based on their email address and their user account will automatically be associated with this business unit.  Their account will not have the permission: ROLE_PRODUCTS_LIST_ALL, which means that they will only be able to view products within their own business unit.  And since no other user will belong to their business unit, their products will be isolated from other self-registered users.  Only users with ROLE_PRODUCTS_LIST_ALL permissions will be able to see across business units.

Administrative users can at any time, assign users to other business units, or modify their permissions so that they can view products outside of their initial business unit.


Self-registration requires the mail system to be working.

Create User Accounts Manually

Users with the permission: ROLE_ALL_USERS_UPDATE can add other users to the system from the Users tab, and assign Roles (groups of permissions) as well as business units to them.

Invite Users to Register

Users with either of the permissions ROLE_ALL_USERS_UPDATE or ROLE_MANAGE_USERS_BU can invite users to join their business unit by clicking the "Invite users" link on the Users tab.


Invited users will automatically be assigned to the same business unit as the inviter. Make sure that your account is assigned to a business unit before inviting other users, so as to avoid them being unable to see and share the risk models you create.

This feature requires the mail system to be setup and working.

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